Wilton Carpets in Sabden Wilton Carpets in Sabden are one of the exquisite carpets we have on offer. These fabulous carpets are from Ulster. This prestigious brand offers high quality, luxurious Axminster, Wilton and loop carpets. There is nothing quite like a Wilton carpet for quality, style, and luxury. These fabulous carpets are available to view and purchase at our showroom. Wilton is one of the oldest weaving styles of manufacturing carpet. Furthermore, these carpets have only one backing that is woven around the pile yarn. A Wilton carpet is also available in a range of different finishes. Hence, customers can choose from a huge range of over 120 different colours of Wilton carpet. Furthermore, they are perfect for any home’s décor.

You can find the perfect carpet when you pay us a visit. Yet, in Sabden, Wilton carpets have a high regard  for their high quality and perfect finishes. Each carpet is  double sheared and provides a different texture and finish that will enhance the look of your interiors. A Wilton carpet is ideal for extra heavy wear applications. As such, they are available in different ranges, including a range that is from 100% wool, as well as a luxurious range that emulates the look of velvet. Choosing a Wilton carpet means choosing a luxury carpet. Best of all, all the Wilton carpets we have on offer are available at agreeable prices.

For your perfect Wilton carpet in Sabden, remember Marks Carpets. We are the best choice for the flooring option you prefer, including our stunning luxury Wilton carpets. Our expert team has over 20 years of experience in the floor covering trade. As such, we can assist you with expert advice and suggestions. Furthermore, we can fit your new Wilton carpet in your home. To find out more about our stunning range of Wilton carpets, contact Marks Carpets right away. Our Wilton carpets have a reputation for strength and durability. Furthermore, they offer a classic or contemporary look to any room in your home. Another plus point of these carpets is that they are fire resistant, making them an ideal choice.

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